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DSC_0100b_joHello and welcome to the Jo Marriott Blog page.

Jo is known in some circles for her many appearances as a lookalike of the popular TV character Xena Warrior Princess , others may know some from her acting career.

The site will be a reference to past events and cover Jo’s current projects and activities. The history pages are all here and a new gallery which includes some of her former photos. We will include a regular posting from Jo herself and we will try to update it monthly so please keep visiting.

Thanks for your support and interest.


With her love of history and being a bit of a tomboy it wasn’t long before Jo put all of these things together by joining a historical re-enactment group. Eventually Jo’s confidence grew to the point where, along with a fellow member she started a historical theatre group called the  ‘Spirit of England Medieval Theatre Company’.

From then on the group never looked back, performing all over the country to much acclaim at festivals, castles, special events, film sets and even abroad in Canada and Belgium. Alongside the re-enactment and film work Jo took singing lessons and entered competitions gaining many merits and placements. She also performed with amateur dramatic groups as well as taking a 2yr-diploma course in Performing Arts at Coventry Centre for the Performing Arts.

Things progressed from there with Jo becoming a Xena lookalike which has led her to travel all over the world making appearances as the popular TV chararcter.

Jo’s acting career has seen her play roles in independant films, TV , Feature Films and documentaries which you can read about in the different catagories on the site.

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