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Robin Of Sherwood 30th Anniversary Convention

Hey still hanging in here, thanks for waiting. The site still hasn’t changed over yet so keep checking in. :D

Wow ok where to start since I posted last… oh yeah The Robin of Sherwood 30th Anniversary Convention, just awesome sums it up. Sean and I went just on the Sunday as we were working the day before, we went under the banner of the Tales of Albion film. Tales were very kindly given a table to advertise and promote our project by the lovely organiser Barnaby, so we were with the Director Gary Andrews and one of the Producers Julianne Gascoyne. Got the chance to meet up with some of the actors from the show and in particular Jason Connery who I worked with on a TV film Merlin. It was so lovely that he remembered me as it was back in the 90′s when we filmed it. Great to chat and catch up with him and had this awesome photo of the 2 Robins from the show, first time together I believe!


Tales seemed to have gone down well with the convention fans and hopefully gained some more supporters. Check out the film page for a few more photos of the event and to keep upto date with it’s progress. Some great news in connection with this is that the actor Nickolas Grace (aka The Sheriff of Nottingham) will be the narrator for the Tales project, exciting stuff! Tales/Spirit of Albion Facebook Page

The next day saw Sean and I heading off to a castle I had not been to for a few years and that is Hedingham Castle. Went there years ago with my old medieval group having a few skirmishes, so it was great to go back but this time the the jousting group Destrier. First show of the year and it was a good one! The castle had to close its gates midday as they were sold out so record crowds were recorded so that was good for both the castle and the group!


Photo by Nick Moore

Had a great gig at the London Guildhall playing Queen Guenivere for a large corporate event for GM Motors. Had to address an audience of 900 guests from all over the world and welcome them to the evenings precedings! Great buzz and lots of photos!

Then was off to Battle Abbey for 9 days teaching kids squire school which was fun but tiring. They all seemed to enjoy it and had lots of happy families and good feedback!

Had a couple of nice filming jobs, first being a police officer on the TV show New Tricks, got to drive the police car too which was loads of fun, I believe that should air around October time, will keep you posted. The other was a couple of days on Downton Abbey set at the races. Thankfully the weather was great as we were in the middle of nowhere at a point to point track. Not sure when it air’s but again I will keep you posted.

Then Sean and I were invited to the Watford Comic Con where the TV project Humber City had a stand. We were there helping to raise awareness of the project and a bit of networking. Whilst there we met up with the lovely Virginia Hey who remembered us from the last time we met, lovely lady!

As you can see the last month has been pretty busy! I then headed off to Colchester Castle for my day as Boudica which I was looking forward to. First job was to help out with the Battle of the Ages chariot race which was lots of fun and saw chariots form the Roman and Iceni team, Norman and Saxons and Roundheads and Cavilers. Of course it goes without saying the Iceni team won! :) An all girl team equals winning team! Then later on I went inside the castle to chat with the public and did some story telling which seemed to go down well with everyone. I do hope I get asked to go back again as its a great place and it has my film playing there too!


And finally to RAF Brize Norton for the 99th Squadron’s family day. Four of us in costume went along to entertain the families and we got to go up in a C17 that had just flown over Buckingham Palace that morning for the Queens Birthday Flyby! Great day and great memories.

Well thats it for now, I hope this big post makes up for the wait :)



Memorabilia At The NEC

Well thanks for hanging in there, few changes are planned the site is going to be moved to another host so fingers crossed the changes over will go smoothly, will keep you informed.

Memorabilia at the NEC went well met the lovely Paris Jefferson from Xena, it was lovely to see her again. Mem is great for catching up with friends and the fact its in my home town makes it better as I get to stay home and see my mum! :)

Well the jousting season is about to kick off next weekend for the team at Hedingham Castle check out the link if you are interested and can come along, I will be riding on the Monday Hedingham Castle Joust link

All the winter training is done and horses and riders are ready to go, here is a great photo by Richard Pearn of me at the last training session riding Ripley.


Sean and I attended the NuView Film Festival which is organised by our friend Marq who filmed the behind the scenes footage on Spirit of Albion film and our Shadower filming. It was a great day with a third of the films having us in them! :) A really nice afternoon at Wimbledon Theatre Studio watching some great short films.

As mentioned before I was working at the beautiful Osborne House on the Isle of White for 8 days helping children decorate Easter Eggs and cards. Here is my Victoria and Albert eggs I did :)


Well the first May Bank Holiday weekend is fully booked up! Friday the 2nd see’s Sean and I heading down to Colchester Castle for the opening from its long refurbishment. I will be seeing the filming I did for them as Queen Boudica playing in situ which will be very exciting! I will also be appearing there on the 7th June as Boudica for an event so all good! Here is a screengrab from the video of me.


Sat 3rd will be a stormtrooper at a shopping mall, and on the Sunday something very exciting. I will be a guest at the 30th Anniversay Robin of Sherwood Convention with Sean and Gary the Director and Juliette one of the producers talking about Tales of Albion film. You will have seen my earlier posts about it. Very excited to be seeing the stars of the show and will definitely post photos of the day. Then the Monday will be over to Hedingham Castle for the Joust!

Phew! well thats it for the mo but there will be lots of piccies from the weekend so stay tuned!


Xena mini breatplate02

Working At Osborne House

Just a quick update to say I am on the Isle of White for the Easter break working at Osborne House. I will do a proper update when I get back as I have reports on Memorabilia and the NuView Film Festival which I attended with Sean. I have also added a couple of new Xena items on my Etsy shop, please check it out, hope you like and I will add my new posting next week :)

Etsy Xenajo Creations


Shot taken during audition filming (c)

Audition For Game Of Thrones

Still here just about!

Well since posting last have done a couple of things. Done a days filming on a new ITV police drama called Chasing Shadows which hopefully will get a few more days on. A day on the set of the US hit TV series 24 playing an MP which was fun.
The aviation documentary I filmed last year aired on BBC2 last week, such a shame my scenes were cut so short or not ending in the final cut but at least you do see me in a couple of shots.


Also weekend just gone I did some filming for an audition piece for the TV show Game of Thrones. Sean and I traveled up to the stables where the jousting horse are kept and we filmed a specially written scene. It all went really well and just waiting for it to get edited together so it can go off the the people concerned. Fingers crossed! We invited our friend Lusete to come along and take some photos and she caught some great shots. Here is one she took and added a castle into the background.


Photo by Luste

Well just waiting to hear about other projects, will keep you posted as and when it comes in.


jo snowboarding

Snowboarding In France

Ooh quick before I disappear again! I can’t apologise enough about the constant breakdowns on the site, it is out of my control and I can’t stop them. All I can say is hang in there the blog will not stop, it just keeps having hiccups! So thanks for keep popping back trust me its not going anywhere. In the meantime those on Facebook can keep track of whats going on.

Well Christmas has been and gone and we are already ploughing into the new year at a pace. So first thing that came up was some work on a new movie called The Secret Service starring Samuel L Jackson and Colin Firth. I have had several days work on this at Leavsden Studios and the film has now wrapped.

Some of the most upsetting news came early in January, the sudden passing of a dear friend, the actress Alexandra Bastedo. She was the founder of the animal sanctuary that I have been supporting with Sean, you will have read earlier posts of the events on my page of the open weekends. Now that Alex is gone the future of the sanctuary is uncertain. Alex’s last wish was for the sanctuary to continue and everyone involved is committed to make it so. The charity runs on donations and nothing else and all the volunteers are unpaid. Please help and either follow and support their FB page or website and any donation will help no matter how small. Here is the link to the FB page ABC Animal Sanctuary and their website ABC Website I shall be supporting the open weekend in June again as they will need the support more than ever.


On a slightly happier note I went on my first snowboarding holiday to France which was awesome. It came about unexpectedly, I wasn’t down to go but due to unforeseen circumstances a place became available. The location was stunning and I’m proud to say on the last day I snowboarded down 2500 feet which was an amazing achievement. Very chuffed and was an amazing experience shared with Sean, we even stopped and had iced tea and a twix on the way down! :) Here is a photo taken from our balcony of the part of the mountain we came down.


The Tales of Albion is still ticking over even though I did my filming on it nearly a year ago they have just started the last block of filming. As there are so many extra things they need to keep the production values, they have started a kick starter fund as they need some extra pennies to get it finished. Please check it out and consider offering a small amount. This will also help speed up the release date which is due around Oct/Nov time. Here is the link to the page with more info of the film and what they need the funds for Tales of Albion Kick starter
In the meantime they have started releasing the posters for each of the Tales as a teaser, check out the one for the tale I’m in.


Well thats it for now, a few small filming projects are in the pipeline and will let you know more about them when they happen. In the meantime check out the movie The Monuments Men due out on the 14th Feb, hopefully you will see yours truly in it at the bar in the pub! :)